Jimmy’s Red Hots

Jimmy’s Red Hots is a Chicagoland tradition located on the West Side. Since 1954, our family-owned hot dog stand has tried its best to keep serving what Chicago knows to be the best Depression style hot dogs and polish sausages. We only serve ALL BEEF Vienna products topped with fresh condiments.

This sign hangs beneath our menu board and it’s been there since we opened in 1954. Ketchup: there’s not a drop of it in our place. When we were kids, our grandfather, the original Jimmy himself explained that during wartime, ketchup’s acidity kept perishable meats from going rotten, and covered up the taste if it did go bad. Our red hots are 100% Vienna beef and always fresh, so there’s no need for ketchup here.

“Nobody, I mean nobody, puts ketchup on a hot dog.” -Dirty Harry

Address: 4000 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651
Hours:  Opens 10AM Closes 1AM
Phone: (773) 384-9513